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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sports Betting In Between Poker Winnings

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We called the Jonathan Stone pickphone Monday only to hear a voice that sounded strangely similar to Kevin Duffy. Than magically on the same number, we get a recorded message promising us that if we press “1” on our touchtone phone, we would get the Houston-Jacksonville Monday Night side and total picks.

Since the game was played last night, I pressed 1 to see who they had and perhaps the bookie would let me place my bet after the fact.

We will just stick with the winning and proven handicappers at It’s best if we just watch the Steve Budin picks on his site. Generally he picks games before they start. However, his videos are not as entertaining as Foxsports Al DeMarco (that horrible toup gets me every time) or the R-rated same-ole-shtick of Stu Feiner.

Just stick to and keep winning is the best betting advice to get the winning edge.