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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bob Akmens BASports Football Picks

A lot of questions have come in about Bob Akmens of BASports. Cy McCormick of the online betting syndicate MasterLockLine says that Akmens is better than most. “He’s currently 17th ranked in college football this year and 43rd in the NFL.”
Overall based on winning percentage he is 22nd in college and pro football combined, 33rd in units won.”
McCormick said that while he’s not in the same league as Phil Steele of Northcoast Sports, Joe Duffy of GodsTips, Stevie Vincent of BetOnSports360, or Dr. Bob of Doctor Bob Sports, he is one of the few who wins more than he loses.
McCormick monitors Bob Akmens plays on the power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine. But he says the reason who partnered with is that they are the only portal that “puts winning ahead of everything else.”
McCormick has been approached by other entities and he also pitched his concept to many, but “Everyone else was concerned on my ability to sell the picks. Some asked me for ad copy to see how well I could hype. Others wanted me to do auditions for the TV and/or radio spots. was literally the only portal that said it’s the quality of the product that matters and everything else will fall into place.”
Some sites have one or two decent handicappers, but only has three of the best in GodsTips, Stevie Vincent, and Matt Rivers. Spartan is good on, Indian Cowboy of Doc’s Sports is good at football. Scott Spreitzer of the Proline Show is not bad in basketball once conference play begins, but for pure profits has the highest threshold bar none to appear on their site.
Guys like Al McMordie and Mark Lawrence are good with stats, but Grandmaster sports handicapper Joe Duffy of GodsTips and Phil Steele of Northcoast Sports are the only two in the NFL who combine the numbers with football handicapping acumen.

Adam Meyer is a good sales guy and so is Brandon Lang, Wayne Root (who is having his best year ever in college football betting) and others. “But the best picks sell themselves as has proven since evolving from the early days of scorephones.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Radio Handicapper Jonathan Stone

Jonathan Stone Sports is keeping Sports News Radio afloat, but revolutionary handicapper Stevie Vincent is putting the sportsbooks out of business. His revolutionary and groundbreaking forensic sports handicapping has him light years ahead of college football odds and NFL betting line.

Vincent is part of the growing list of handicappers on Also included is the MasterLockLine. Because the MasterLockLine monitors each and every one of the nation’s top sports service, handicappers, tip sheets and syndicates, you will get every Game of the Year play worth betting. Every last one in the industry is yours. That’s why you get more legitimate service Games of the Year on the MasterLockLine than anyone else.

Jim Feist Proline Show

Jim Feist’s Proline TV show is certainly the longest running such program on television, though Lawrence Prezman’s job as screaming host lasted shorter than McLean Stevenson sitcom.

While that group has spent the largest budget on marketing, continues to re-invent in the product. Already featuring the top football betting expert of all time Grandmaster sports handicapper Joe Duffy of GodsTips, handicapper Matt Rivers has been added to the fold that includes the power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine.