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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 1 NFL Picks 2016 Best Sports Services Reviewed and Featured

Audio Recording: 'Sports Service Picks Week 1 NFL' From 'Sports Betting Podcasts': Sports Service Picks Week 1 NFL

Thursday, September 8, 2016

TNF Panthers vs Broncos Sports Service Plays literally has every sports bet needed for Thursday night.

Crush Pay Per Head Sportsbooks With These Winning Picks

Joe Duffy full-season packages. Are you sold yet? Priced has been reduced after opening week in college football to account for the fact many of your purchased a package before being convinced and a few of you just missed out on a ton of winning. Get Saturday college football trends podcast on the home page. Also the Thursday Night Football Podcast Panthers-Broncos is up at at

We start with the Grandmaster: Joe Duffy's Picks. All college and NFL picks are 21-10 this season. That includes of course yet another highly profitable NFL preseason. Now it gets even easier. TNF side is up Panthers-Broncos.

We are 28-12 overall with dog winners of 217, 170, 158, 156, 148, 132, 125 and some small puppies too. Night MLB underdog completes a two-sport sweep.

For the college football weekend, the first wave is up! Oh all we are is 11-2 in CFB so far and 21-10 in all football including going 4-1 with NFL Wise Guys in the preseason. Still on the outside looking in? As long as you have a package through this upcoming Sunday, you can access now. College football has seven Wise Guys, three sides, four totals, plus a Major!

Get at least the four-day pick pack of Joe Duffy or Bet it Trinity (best value) to access the second the picks are released and before the lines move. Although only premium picks count in our official record, it is worth noting that including free picks, we are 14-2 in college football! He uses handicapping software to beat sportsbook software.

Handicapper out of the Golden State is beyond any debate the top handicapper west of the Mississippi. He has been offered upper six figures to be part of high profile websites, but refused because such entities needed his football picks early in the week for marketing. He has winners, not early picks. Preseason NFL Total of the Year on Oakland Raiders OVER last Thursday won. NFL Total of the Week goes tonight on the first game

MasterLockLine Exclusive: The Key POD premise is based on the conviction that all forms of human and artificial intelligence have strengths and weaknesses. When used to refute and substantiate, most potential bets are eliminated because of insufficient evidence. It isolates one and only one top bet each day. 7-0 run, as you got Seattle last night. Get winner eight in a row for a night game. Get the picks now and check out the entire menu and get a free pick

Groundbreaking founder of forensic sports handicapping; fewer picks, higher winning percentage from the King of Offshore

Nobody, absolutely nobody is better than Stevie Vincent with pro football totals. She is 52-31 with all picks. Get the pro football over/under on Carolina/Denver from the top OU tipster of all time. Get the picks now at