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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vegas Runner of Review

The power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine has gotten a lot of questions lately about “Vegas Runner” a sports handicapping brand created by R.J. Bell of

Acknowledges CEO Joe Duffy, the top sports betting expert in the world, “Bell along with (radio handicapper) Adam Meyer, TV tout Wayne Allyn Root, and the cable and Internet infomercial guru team of Al DeMarco and Steve Budin, are probably the most aggressive marketers in the sports betting industry.

Cy McCormick of, the MasterLockLine said that Vegas Runner did finish No. 17 in 2007 in college basketball, his best finish ever. “We would not say he’s in the class of Stevie Vincent, Phil Steele, Dr. Bob, Joe Duffy or others,” said McCormick, referring to the most widely respected handicappers in terms of winning.

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