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Friday, May 30, 2008

Playing Texas Holdem

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If you are a reasonably skilled online Texas Holdem player, you will probably face a mix of opponents, some less skilled than you, some perhaps a bit more. However, circumstances may arise when you are facing much tougher opposition than you are used to facing. This may be because you have decided to move up in limits at your preferred poker sites or because the only table that is available happens to be one filled with pros that you recognize. Either way, you may want to adjust your strategy when this happens.

Tactics for Handling Skilled Players: Confidence

You should have confidence in your ability to play Texas Holdem online Many pros have become pros because they can play a very tight aggressive, reasoned style of play. Just because someone is a pro doesn’t mean he is going to blow you out of every pot with huge raises or see right through to your soul when you try to bluff. A pro is simply someone who makes more correct decisions than the average player does. If you are a skilled player and play your best game, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to win, at least in the short term.

Tactics for Handling Skilled Players: Short Stacking

If you’re worried about getting run over by your opponents in a no-limit game, you may consider short stacking. Short stacking is buying in to the game for a small amount, often the minimum. The sharks in the game are looking for whales, bad players that will throw money at them. When they see your small stack, they may forget about you and look for tastier prey.

Tactics for Handling Skilled Players: Moving Down

If you’re really feeling like the game is too tough for you, there’s no shame in getting up and moving to an easier game. In general, it’s much more fun to win a ton of money against weaker players than to get pummeled by all-stars.

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