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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poker Book Review - Phil Shaw - Secrets of Sit'N'Gos

The author of this book, Phil Shaw is a high stakes online sit and go expert, regularly contributing to well known poker magazines and training sites. In this book he introduces the format, and covers the important aspects of winning at them consistently.
"Secrets of sit'n'gos" is nicely written and well structured, after an initial brief introduction to the format, the first section covers a few things that many other books and guides gloss over, namely pre-game preparation.
This section looks at game selection, blind levels, opponents, formats, and multitabling, among others. The next section contains a brief introduction to some of the concepts that come up throughout the book, including EV and ICM.
Although these first two sections aren't that long, it's good to see these topics being mentioned before the author dives into the games!
The next 6 sections are split between the different stages of sit and go play, with a section each for early, middle, and late game, bubble, in the money, and heads up.
Sectioning it like this helps the reader to understand the difference between these stages, and how differently they should be played.
All scenarios are covered at each stage, from deep to short stack, and the structure of these sections reads very well, with important considerations about ICM and other concepts thrown in for good measure.
The 'in the money' and heads up sections are particularly good, and most players will realise how tight they play in comparison to what the author thinks is optimal, with the shove/call/fold tables for heads up play being particularly interesting.
A couple of short sections follow, on non-standard sit and goes, and other miscellaneous topics, and then the largest section by far, taking up around 2/5 of the book, is the quiz section. These questions range from the first hand of a sng to the last, are well thought out and clearly presented, and will be invaluable in terms of learning the concepts throughout the book.
Overall the book covers all aspects of sit and go's, explaining things simply enough for beginners, but going deep enough that almost all players will gain something from reading this book. Recommended.
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Good luck at the tables!

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