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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Practice Poker

Thinking of striking it big in the poker leagues? You might be in for a surprise, and a rather unpleasant one at that. Playing poker offline is the same with playing online with one major difference: you cannot see your opponents. Maybe you think you are well versed in common poker strategies such as bluffing or slow playing, you could be, offline. Playing online is strikingly different because you do not get to see your opponents face to face. You can only observe their behaviour with regards to playing their hand. So before you set out to play poker online, it would be good if you practice poker first.
I know, I know you might be a champ in your neighbourhood poker competitions or in your state play offs. But if this is your first time to play poker online, you might be in for a big surprise. Do not get this wrong, playing online is exciting and challenging, but the lack of face to face encounter severely alters a player strategy. Thinking of calling a bluff online? Well, you should think again. That other person from Hong Kong or Russia might be up to something and you will not know it because you cannot see them.
Even if you have been playing poker for the better half of your life and have come to believe that you are really good at it, you should first test the waters and practice poker before diving headlong into something you might not expect. It is true; countless others have made this mistake and did not care to practice poker first before betting their life savings and all.
You are smarter than that and you will not call on that bluff.
In the real world, poker is a game of suave and elegance. You try to outwit the other by looking confident and composed even if the hand dealt to you is terrible. In online poker however, no amount of posturing will guarantee a victory. You can pose all you want in front of the computer and still not be able to call a bluff. Practice poker online before you do anything else. You might save a lot of money and gain some valuable experience.
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