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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poker Game Practice

Poker is a game of finesse and experience. Many a novice poker player has lost all his money in thinking that the game requires minimal effort and skill. Still, there are those who master it with ease and subtlety. You can be one of them if you only know where you can find a decent poker game practice website.
Having a poker face is not enough to win you the game. I will give 3 advices for those who are aspiring to play poker: practice, practice, practice.
Some players would ascribe to strategies given by a certain fellow named David Sklansky. Loosely, the theorem states that you have an advantage if you play your hand like you would if you are aware of the cards that your opponent is holding, and you are also at an advantage if your opponent changes his strategy if they are aware of the cards you are holding.
It might be confusing but it simply means play it out of instinct and do not hesitate.
In personal face to face games, this strategy is valuable because you could see your opponents face. You could either see their confidence or see their dismay. That is why having a poker face is important.
The story is different however when it comes to online games. There are no opponent faces to see and no facial expressions to read. Winning a poker game is then a matter of skill and experience. You will only gain this experience if you know where to find a good poker game practice website.
Playing poker online with no experience and knowledge can both be exhilarating and dangerous. It is exhilarating because the excitement is the same with playing offline, dangerous, because the amount of money you can lose is also real. Old time strategies such as bluffing or slow playing will take on a new dimension as you figure out how to call on opponents you cannot see. Others will rely on pure and simple statistical analysis to compute for the odds of winning. In the end to know the game, you must play the game. Start out with a poker game practice website before you set out into the big leagues.
Poker Game practices was sourced from and you can have further more information from this website on the subject.

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